Ankkuri cottage located in Savo in the village of Savonranta on the shores of Lake Saimaa. Savonranta is a small village of about 1000 inhabitants in the Savonlinna region, famous for its natural beauty. There are some superb natural attractions in the region, such as Kolovesi National Park.

The incredible landscapes and clean waters of Finnish Lakeland entice visitors to fish and enjoy their vacation.

The main building of the Ankkuri cottage is a stunning one and a half story villa constructed with massive hand-sculpted logs. The windows in the lounge area offer views of the waves of Lake Saimaa. Downstairs there is a lounge area, kitchen and dining room, toilet and utility room, electric sauna and shower room. Downstairs there is also a bedroom with a double sofa bed. Upstairs there is a lounge area and two bedrooms. In the lounge area there is a sofabed for one. The lobby area is also equipped with a 42″ TV.

In the yard there is a summer room with a double bed. The summer room also has a heating stove for cool evenings and to create the mood of the moment!

“Anchor Cottage was absolutely lovely, almost perfect! Jaana”

The sauna building is located nearer the beach. The sauna building has, of course, a traditional wood sauna where you can certainly enjoy the heat! Warm water for washing is available from the water container in the sauna stove and water for steam and other water is pumped from the lake.

We have also authentic Teepee tent! Here you can really feel the atmosphere!

The sauna building also has a dressing room and room with a sofa bed for two. The room also has a 42″ TV and heating stove.

Next door to the sauna there is a hot tub. The hot tub is large enough for 4-6 bathers at one time. Water for the hot tub comes from the sauna with a hose and for wood for heating is available from the woodshed next to the summer room. Please remember to fill hot tub with water first and then light the fire – in this way you will avoid the furnace breaking down.

From the sauna you can take a dip in Lake Saimaa from the landing stage. The shore also a sandy beach and swimming area that are also suitable for children because the beach is lower at this point.

Next to the sauna there is a barbecue area where you can cook tasty dishes in the traditional way using firewood. Another barbecue can be found on the terrace in front of the main building. This barbecue is equipped with a gas grill.

There is also an outside area with tables for dining and also a swing and dartboard.

Ankkuri cottage is non-smoking and pet friendly!



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FINAL CLEANING 135,- EUROS (You can do this yourself if you want) CHANGEDAY IN THE SEASON 1 IS ON FRIDAY